Guernsey Beaches

Boasting a collection of stunning beaches, Guernsey is an outstanding holiday destination that captures the hearts of all who visit with its diverse beauty and serene ambiance. From the golden sands of Cobo Bay to the rugged cliffs of Petit Bot, each beach on the island offers a unique coastal experience. From havens for water sports enthusiasts including the renowned Vazon Bay to tranquil escapes like Fermain Bay surrounded by lush cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Guernsey has a wide variety of beaches making it perfect for a seaside break.

Guernsey’s beaches are not just scenic but rich in history. Reflecting the island’s historical link to the German Occupation during World War II, the island’s beaches showcase not only natural wonders but historical landmarks. Guernsey is an island overflowing with breathtaking seascapes so whether you are seeking a leisurely day of sunbathing, exhilarating water activities or a peaceful seaside stroll, Guernsey’s beaches can provide.

Beach accessibility in Guernsey

Guernsey has an eclectic blend of beaches, some which unfortunately have little accessibility due to steps or steep cliff paths but many of the island’s beaches have great accessibility. Pembroke Bay is arguably the most accessible beach with nearby parking, accessible toilets, slipways at either end plus the option to hire beach wheelchairs. Vazon Bay and Cobo Bay are also great options with car parks at either end and cobbled slipways leading to the golden sands. A full list of Guernsey’s accessible beaches can be found at the Visit Guernsey website.

Guernsey Beach Wheelchairs is a scheme available exclusively at Pembroke Bay. Three beach wheelchairs are available to hire, allowing everyone to explore the sands and take a dip in the sea. The beach wheelchairs are free to hire and must be booked in advance. Book your beach wheelchair at

Dog-friendly beaches in Guernsey

Dogs are extremely welcome on Guernsey’s beaches with the majority permitting dogs even through the summer months. Between the 1st May and 30th September, dogs are not permitted on the following beaches:

  • Fermain Bay
  • Petit Bot
  • L’Erée
  • Vazon Bay (Northern end)
  • Cobo Bay
  • Port Soif
  • L’Ancresse
  • Pembroke Bay

On all other beaches, dogs are welcome at all times of year. The only exception to this is Richmond Beach which has a winter ban. Between 1st October to 30th April, Richmond Beach has a voluntary ban for the protection of declining wading bird species. Whilst it is legal to take your dog to this beach during these months, it is strongly requested not to in order to protect these species. Dogs are not permitted at any time on Lihou Island or on the Lihou Causeway.

Guernsey Beaches

Vazon Bay

The crown jewel of Guernsey’s beaches, Vazon Bay boasts expansive golden sands and  glistening waters. Renowned for its excellent facilities and vibrant atmosphere, the bay caters for both relaxation and adventure. The beach features ample space for sunbathers to revel in whilst thrillseekers can dive into the world of water sports. With its consistent waves, Vazon Bay is an exhilarating playground providing a haven for surfers and windsurfers and home to the Guernsey Surf School, the island’s leading surf school teaching all ages. Vazon Bay is an iconic seaside destination on the island, one that will delight young, old and all who visit.

Parking: There is a car park at both ends of the beach with additional parking running along the bay. Parking is free at Vazon Bay.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is close by. The Guernsey Surf School also offers hire of surfing and bodyboarding equipment in addition to lessons.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: Slipways at either end. Disabled parking and accessible toilets are also available.

Pembroke Bay

Boasting a pristine stretch of sandy shores with a backdrop of rugged cliffs and scenic beauty, Pembroke Bay is a popular choice for a Guernsey beach day. The beach offers excellent facilities including a beachside cafe and convenient parking making the visitor experience seamless. Accessible to all, its expansive sands are inviting for families and sunseekers looking to relax whilst Pembroke is the only Guernsey beach offering beach wheelchair hire. Pembroke Bay’s accessibility, coupled with its charming facilities, creates the perfect destination for a day by the sea.

Parking: Free parking nearby.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is located on site. Deck chairs are available for hire.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: Slipways at either end and beach wheelchairs available for hire. Disabled parking and accessible toilets are also available.

Cobo Bay

With enchanting golden sands and panoramic sea views, Cobo Bay Beach is the epitome of tranquillity. Cobo Bay offers excellent amenities including beachside cafes serving delicious seafood. With its shallow waters, Cobo Bay Beach is perfect for families and a great Guernsey destination for swimmers. Plus, the iconic sunsets over the bay paint the sky in vibrant hues and provide a breathtaking backdrop for evening strolls along the sand. Cobo Bay’s natural beauty and superb facilities make it one of Guernsey’s best beaches.

Parking: A car park is available to the left of the cafe with free parking available for 200 cars.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is on site. Cobo Bay also has a shop.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: Slipways at either end. Disabled parking and accessible toilets are also available.

Havelet Bay

A destination on Guernsey’s southern coastline with unique charm and stunning vistas, Havelet Bay is a sheltered cove boasting crystal-clear waters. Surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush greenery, Havelet Bay is a picturesque retreat. With its serene ambiance, Havelet Bay offers a tranquil escape, ideal for those seeking moments of solitude. The beach is a gateway to scenic coastal walks showcasing the best of the island’s natural beauty and Havelet Bay is a popular spot for coastal serenity.

Parking: Car parking along the beachfront for 500 cars.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is on site. Havelet Bay also has a shop.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: A slipway allows for beach access. Disabled parking and accessible toilets are also available.

Fermain Bay

A secluded beauty bursting with natural splendour, Fermain Bay is a marvel of Mother Nature and sheltered by dramatic cliffs. This hidden cove features pristine sands and turquoise waters offering a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and contemplation. An exploration of the coastal paths will bring you to the beach where you indulge in seafood at the award-winning cafe that complements the serenity of the surroundings. Its hidden charm and serene ambiance makes Fermain Bay one of Guernsey’s most captivating coastal landscapes.

Parking: No parking.

Facilities: The award-winning Fermain Beach Cafe is located at the top of the slipway and has public toilets.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: A slipway allows for beach access and accessible toilets are available at the cafe. There is no parking nearby and can only be accessed by boat or cliff path.

Petit Bot

Nestled on Guernsey’s rugged southern coast, Petit Bot is a breathtaking bay full of character. Enclosed by towering cliffs, this beach sits in a secluded cove offering an intimate escape and is renowned for its stunning scenery with crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy shores. Whilst sun-seekers bask in the bay’s beauty, adventurous souls can explore the surrounding coastal paths. With its natural charm and captivating landscapes, Petit Bot is a picturesque destination showcasing the unspoiled beauty of Guernsey’s coastal wonders.

Parking: Small car park for 40 cars offering free parking.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is on site. Petit Bot also has a shop and deck chair hire.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: A slipway allows for beach access and accessible toilets are available.


Sitting on Guernsey’s western coastline, L’Eree is a coastal haven with expansive sandy shores and mesmerising sea views. This picturesque bay is surrounded by rocky cliffs and provides a serene retreat during your Guernsey holiday and L’Erée boasts a tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and coastal exploration. With easy accessibility and panoramic views, all visitors can head down to the sea and enjoy leisurely strolls along the shore. Encapsulating the essence of Guernsey’s coastal charm, L’Eree is a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful escape by the sea.

Parking: A car park with free parking for up to 200 cars.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is on site.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: A slipway allows for beach access and accessible toilets are available.

Port Soif

A coastal jewel on Guernsey’s northwest coast known for its scenic beauty and sandy expanse, Port Soif is a family-friendly sheltered bay. Its gentle, shallow waters and expansive beach provide a perfect playground for families to enjoy whilst the scenery is unrivalled. Port Soif is the essence of postcard perfection and no matter which direction you look, you are met with an exquisite landscape. To top it off, Port Soif witnesses some of the island’s most spectacular sunsets and is the perfect destination for an evening beach visit. Surrounded by low cliffs and greenery, Port Soif has a natural charm whilst the convenient amenities make it easy to enjoy a day by the beach.

Parking: A car park with free parking for up to 200 cars.

Facilities: Public toilets are available and a cafe is on site.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: Accessible toilets are available.

Rocquaine Bay

A picturesque coastal retreat with captivating sea views, Rocquaine Bay is a shingle beach with patches of golden sands. Framed by rocky cliffs and lush greenery, the bay offers a scenic escape with a touch of adventurous activity. Rocquaine Bay is renowned as an events stage with multiple annual festivals and gatherings meeting here including the famous Rocquaine Regatta. Historical landmarks, such as Fort Grey, one of Guernsey’s most iconic landmarks, add cultural intrigue to this seaside landscape. With its serene beauty and historical significance, Rocquaine Bay is one of Guernsey’s most cherished destinations.

Parking: Parking is on-street along the beachfront.

Facilities: No facilities at the bay but cafes are located a stroll away.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: Step access only.

Moulin Huet

A captivating corner of the island with rugged beauty and artistic legacy, the iconic bay of Moulin Huet was immortalised by the renowned painter Renoir. Offering breathtaking cliffside views and a secluded pebble beach, Moulin Huet’s striking landscape drew famous author Victor Hugo back time and time again during his time on the island. With its clear waters and lush surroundings, it is no surprise that Moulin Huet has always inspired tranquillity and creativity. Visitors can explore the coastal paths or simply revel in the serene atmosphere whilst enjoying a picnic is a popular pastime. The bay’s historic charm, combined with its artistic allure, offers an enchanting experience on Guernsey’s coastal canvas.

Parking: Parking is not available on-site. Nearby parking is limited but free and at the top of a steep cliff.

Facilities: Toilets are available at the parking area. A tea room is located along the bath towards the beach.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: Restricted access due to steep cliff path access. One side of the beach is accessed by steps whilst the other side is accessed by cobbled path.

Lihou Island

Lihou Island is a tidal islet off the coast of Guernsey boasting natural beauty and historical intrigue. Accessible by a causeway during low tide, this serene haven offers lush landscapes, tidal pools and the ruins of a charming 12th-century priory. Home to rare bird species who use the island as a nesting ground, Lihou is perfect for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Lihou Island is also home to one of the most breathtaking hidden gems in the Channel Islands, Venus Pool. This huge rock pool is simply magnificent with crystal clear water that would not look out of place in the Caribbean. With its rich biodiversity and serene ambiance, Lihou Island is a natural work of art nestled in the English Channel.

Parking: Lihou Island has its own dedicated car park and parking is free. However, Lihou Island is accessed by causeway at low tide so it involves walking which is approximately 20 minutes.

Facilities: There are no facilities on Lihou Island.

Lifeguard: No lifeguard patrols.

Accessibility: No disabled parking spaces are available. The causeway is a mixture of cobbled and pebbled making it difficult for wheelchair users.