Explore the Enchanting Adventure of Cycling Holidays in Guernsey

Cycling holidays in Guernsey are one of the best ways to discover the island, offering seemingly endless scenic beauty and taking you past the island’s greatest landmarks. The island’s compact size of roughly 24 square miles makes it easy to explore and the ideal destination for cyclists. Guernsey’s network of quiet roads and dedicated cycle paths makes cycling a safe experience. This includes a collection of lanes known as Ruette Tranquille, giving pedestrians and cyclists priority over vehicles. The initiative allows riders to explore the island without the worry of encountering traffic, perfect for family cycles.

Inland, visitors to the island can discover the rich history and lush woodlands of Guernsey. Alternatively, the island’s coastal cycling trails offer stunning views of the English Channel and the neighbouring islands of Alderney and Sark, both accessible by ferry for further exploration by bike. Guernsey is a fantastic destination for a cycling holiday and by bike is undoubtedly the best way to discover the island.

Taking Your Bicycle to Guernsey

Taking your bike from the UK to Guernsey is a relatively straightforward process, with options to travel by both air and sea. This allows cyclists to choose the method of transport that best suits them.

Taking Your Bicycle to Guernsey by Air

Travelling by air is the quickest way to reach Guernsey but of the two options from the UK, it can be the more challenging method of transport. Most airlines allow bikes as checked luggage, including Aurigny, British Airways and other airlines that operate flights from the UK to Guernsey. However, it is important to check specific airline policies before booking. Bikes typically need to be packed in a bike box or bag for protection during the flight. At the airport, it is important to arrive with enough time to check in your bike and handle any additional requirements. The bicycle will most likely need to be taken to overweight baggage for extra checks after the standard check-in process. On arrival in Guernsey, your bicycle will arrive on the baggage carousel with any other checked luggage.

Taking Your Bicycle to Guernsey by Sea

Ferry is the most popular choice for cyclists travelling to Guernsey from the UK. It offers the convenience of not having to dismantle your bike since your bike can be taken onboard as is, without the need to be stored in a bike box. Foot passengers can walk on with their bicycle and they are then usually stored in a designated area on the ferry. Anyone travelling by vehicle has the convenience of storing it on their car’s bike rack with no need to dismount. When booking your journey with Condor Ferries, make sure to specify that you will be bringing a bicycle.

Tips for Taking Your Bicycle to Guernsey

  • Carry essential tools and a puncture repair kit.
  • Many hotels and guesthouses in Guernsey offer secure bike storage but you should confirm this when booking your accommodation.
  • Consider travel insurance that covers your bike, in case of any damage or loss during the journey or your holiday.

Cycle Hire in Guernsey

Bike hire in Guernsey is a popular option for visitors who do not want to transport their own bicycles to the island. This is particularly favoured by those travelling by air as it is easier than transporting your own bicycle. Bike rental shops across the island offer a variety of bikes to suit different needs. You can hire everything from standard mountain and road bikes to electric bikes. Electric bikes are increasingly popular, allowing riders to cover more ground effortlessly and making it easier to tackle the island’s diverse terrain.

Hiring a bike in Guernsey is straightforward and most rental shops offer half-day, full-day or longer-term hires. This flexible service makes bike hire in Guernsey suitable for both short visits and extended stays. Prices are generally affordable and shops include accessories such as helmets and locks along with hire.

In some cases, hotels also offer bike hire and it is worthwhile considering hotel options that offer this service. It is more convenient than visiting a bike shop and some hotels also offer bike hire free of charge as part of your room rate so it is worth looking into.

Cycle Routes in Guernsey

Guernsey has a wide variety of cycling routes that cater to all levels and abilities while taking in the island’s picturesque landscapes.

Ruettes Tranquilles

The Ruettes Tranquilles network consists of narrow, country lanes where pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have priority over cars with a recommended speed limit of 15 mph, and ideal for two wheels. They wind through charming villages, past historic sites and along beautiful countryside, showcasing the best that Guernsey has to offer across the following parishes of Vale, Castel, Forest, St Andrews, St Martins, St Sampsons and St Saviours. This route is also the best option for families looking for a safe place to cycle.

St. Peter Port to Pembroke Bay

This route starts in Guernsey’s capital, St Peter Port, and takes you along the eastern coastline to Pembroke Bay. The route is relatively flat, making it suitable for all abilities.

Le Grand Bouet to Vazon Bay

A popular route that offers a mix of coastal and inland cycling. The route includes some beautiful beach views, including Vazon Bay, one of Guernsey’s most popular beaches.

Cliffs and Country Lanes

For more experienced cyclists, the South coast offers challenging routes with rewarding views. The cliff paths provide a mix of steep climbs and descents, ideal for those looking for a more difficult route.

Five Parishes

This route covers a large portion of the island and takes in every type of scenery. It is a longer ride that showcases the island’s varied landscapes and is perfect for a full-day excursion.

Guernsey Coastal Path

The Guernsey Coastal Path is the largest trail on the island, a circular route covering 63 km. It is a path dedicated to walkers and cyclists, considered to be one of the most challenging routes on the island.

There are also eleven tourist cycle routes with designated cycle lanes which are all on tarmac roads and designed to take you near many tourist attractions.

Cycling Alderney

Renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Alderney is a cyclist’s paradise. With its quiet roads and stunning coastal paths, there is no better way to explore Alderney than on two wheels.

At just 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, the island’s size is perfect for leisurely bike rides. Cyclists can easily navigate between charming villages, sandy beaches and historic sites easily. It is the perfect destination for cyclists of all abilities to explore. The lack of heavy traffic also makes it incredibly safe to explore the island. The ferry services from Guernsey to Alderney allow you to transport your bicycle. Alternatively, bike hire is also available on the island.

Cycling Holidays in Guernsey FAQ