Discover Guernsey’s Hidden Gems Through an Unforgettable Camping Guernsey Adventure

Guernsey is a destination overflowing with adventure, bursting with phenomenal scenery and is the perfect place for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The island boasts an impressive array of accommodation options but if you are looking to experience a true Guernsey adventure holiday, camping is the top choice.

With breathtaking surroundings and endless activity, camping in Guernsey provides a beautiful insight into the island’s character and is the ultimate way to experience Guernsey’s charm. The good news is that Guernsey offers an abundance of both camping and glamping options, each site more spectacular than the last. From quaint spots nestled in the rural countryside to viewpoint locations overlooking the coast, camping Guernsey is an experience to be remembered.

Reasons to Camp in Guernsey

Guernsey camping is an incredible experience but whilst avid campers and outdoor lovers may jump at the chance to camp on this stunning island, other holidaymakers may need a little more persuasion. Thankfully, there is an extensive list of reasons why Guernsey is the ultimate camping destination and if you have not yet considered a Guernsey camping holiday, these reasons may just change your mind.

Experience the Outdoors

The primary reason why you should enjoy a Guernsey camping holiday is that it is the most phenomenal way to experience the great outdoors. The Channel Islands are a beautiful corner of the British Isles and Guernsey is no exception with stunning scenery no matter where you look. There is no doubt that Mother Nature truly blessed this spot providing the island with both luscious inland countryside and breathtaking coastal vistas.

Wake up to the sounds of the local wildlife, enjoy your morning cuppa with an exquisite backdrop, and then after a day of exploring what this island has to offer, you can fall asleep under the stars. Research suggests that camping is one of the most deeply connective experiences you can enjoy both with nature and fellow travellers. It is said that just one night of camping relieves stress, has other health benefits and is particularly beneficial to children.

It is a great way to get back to basics, and enjoy a simpler life and may also be a great opportunity for a digital detox. To top it off, The Channel Islands have the mildest climate in the British Isles so you can rest assured that your Guernsey camping adventure will most likely be met with decent weather.

Greater Affordability

Of all of the island’s accommodation options, camping on Guernsey is one of the most budget-friendly options. If you prioritise your Guernsey experience over the accommodation, camping is a great way to cut costs on your accommodation and save money for Guernsey adventures.

Whilst the price tag of campsites in Guernsey vary and is also dependent on your accommodation choice, you are guaranteed to save money over staying at a hotel or guesthouse on the island. For those who have no need for frills and are happy with basic accommodation to rest their head, Guernsey camping is an incredible choice.

Ultimate Flexibility

Camping in Guernsey offers ultimate flexibility and is the greatest way to enjoy a spot of freedom during your Guernsey holiday. Although the most popular campsites book up quickly during peak season, many of Guernsey’s campsites have last-minute availability throughout the year.

It is a lot easier to secure an outstanding campsite than it is for some of Guernsey’s other accommodations. Plus, the very nature of camping allows you to pitch up and leave whenever you want. It allows you to change your plans, leave early or extend your stay extremely conveniently. The spontaneity of camping in Guernsey is a major appeal of this type of accommodation.

Important Information about Camping in Guernsey

Guernsey Campervan

Wild camping is prohibited across the Channel Islands including Guernsey and is only permitted at official, licensed camping sites.

Motorhomes and caravans are permitted to travel from the UK to Guernsey but must comply with a number of requirements. All motorhomes and caravans must meet strict size restrictions, obtain a permit and be booked into a registered campsite for the duration of your stay on the island.

All visiting motorhomes and caravans are also restricted to a maximum of one month stay.

Condor Ferries offers multiple weekly sailings from Poole and Portsmouth for motorhomes and caravans. Alternatively, you can hire a motorhome or caravan on the island.

Guernsey Camping Options

When you think of camping, it is typical that the image of a tent automatically springs to mind. However, there are a wide variety of camping options available that also include caravans, motorhomes, camping barns and even glamping experiences. When it comes to camping, everyone has a different tolerance level for the experience or way they like to do things and thankfully, Guernsey is a destination that offers them all.

Glamping in Guernsey

If you’re looking for the perfect middle ground between camping and a hotel experience, glamping is likely to be up your street. It is also a great option if you are new to camping and want an easy introduction to this way of travelling.

Camp de Rêves

Rue du Paysans au Val, St Peter, Guernsey GY7 9JY

Nestled in Guernsey’s picturesque landscape, this glamping destination offers an exceptional escape that is next-level camping luxury. Experience the best of both worlds with their charming safari tents and shepherd’s huts that combine comfort and nature seamlessly. Enjoy spacious interiors, comfortable beds and private decking with modern facilities such as your own kitchen and bathroom. Camp de Rêves is Guernsey glamping’s leading experience, a destination of wild relaxation and indulgence in Guernsey.


Route de Rocquaine, St Peter, Guernsey GY7 9BZ

WildGuernsey’s camping options redefine island getaways with three eco-safari tents offering an unforgettable blend of nature and comfort. Each tent boasts eco-friendly features and stunning views. Experience a unique connection to Guernsey’s natural beauty, all whilst enjoying cosy interiors, comfortable beds and private outdoor spaces. WildGuernsey’s camping experience is an eco-conscious retreat that promises an immersive stay in harmony with the island’s environment.

Beaucette Marina Shepherd Huts

Route de la Lande, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5BQ

Experience glamping in one of Guernsey’s best locations in one of the luxury self-contained shepherd huts at Beaucette Marina. Perfectly positioned on the coastal headland, guests can revel in the spectacular vistas that encompass Beaucette Marina from the comfort of bed or the relaxation of the hot tub. The site has four beautiful shepherd huts to choose from all offering cosy interiors, private decking and breathtaking views. Glamping in Guernsey does not get more scenic than this.

Glamping at Fauxquets Valley Campsite

Candie Road, Castel, Guernsey GY5 7QL

Experience luxury in the middle of nature at Fauxquets Valley Campsite. The glamping retreat offers an unforgettable stay with safari tents and a cosy log cabin to choose from. Here you can immerse yourself in comfort with spacious interiors, real beds and charming decor. The safari tents provide an authentic camping feel while the log cabin offers a rustic-chic escape.

Modern facilities like private kitchens, bathrooms and heating provides a blended experience of both indulgence and outdoor living. Wake up to tranquil surroundings, explore the local nature trails and unwind on private decking. Fauxquets Valley brings together the best of both worlds, offering an enchanting glamping experience in the heart of one of Guernsey’s best-loved campsites.

Glamping at Le Vaugrat

Route de Vaugrat, St Sampson, Guernsey GY2 4TA

Le Vaugrat takes glamping to new heights with bell tents that are the epitome of outdoor luxury. These glamping tents offer a unique blend of nature and comfort, complete with cosy interiors and delightful outdoor spaces. At Le Vaugrat, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings whilst enjoying modern amenities and the campsite vibe that encapsulates the essence of Guernsey’s charm.

Camping Pods at La Bailloterie

Bailloterie Lane, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5HA

Experience the charm of Guernsey’s longest established campsite, sprawling across 10 acres and running alongside stunning beaches. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, this privately owned site exudes a warm and inviting ambience featuring a trio of pods, each offering kitchen amenities, accessible electricity points and an outdoor living space. The deck area comes complete with lighting, two camping chairs and a BBQ, inviting you to unwind in style amidst Guernsey’s natural beauty.

Campsites in Guernsey

Guernsey is home to numerous family-friendly campsites that are great for all types of travellers. Typically welcoming tents, caravans and motorhomes, camping sites in Guernsey offer great facilities and outstanding views.

Fauxquets Valley Campsite

Candie Road, Castel, Guernsey GY5 7QL

Fauxquets Valley Campsite is a haven of relaxation and adventure with a great community vibe. It boasts impeccable facilities catering to tents, caravans and motorhomes with well-maintained pitches and essential amenities. The campsite is also a great destination for activity and offers more than the average Guernsey camping sites, home to an outdoor heated swimming pool, playground, games room and petting zoo. With so much to do, Fauxquets is the ultimate spot for camping Guernsey.

Le Vaugrat Campsite

Route de Vaugrat, St Sampson, Guernsey GY2 4TA

With a range of options including tents, motorhomes, campervans, and caravans, Le Vaugrat caters to all types of adventurers. Embrace the simplicity of basic facilities while revelling in the beauty of Guernsey’s landscapes. For those seeking relaxation, a TV lounge is available, providing a cosy space to unwind whilst for the remainder of the experience, it’s truly back to basics. Whether you’re camping under the stars, cruising in a motorhome or settling into a caravan, Le Vaugrat provides an authentic Guernsey experience.

Les Maingys Activity Centre

Rue Maingy, Vale, Guernsey GY6 8NL

The ultimate Guernsey experience for adventure seekers, embrace the great outdoors at the expansive campsite of Les Maingys Activity Centre perfectly complemented by their exciting activity calendar. Complete with a designated campfire area, perfect for bonding under the stars, Les Maingys is the best campsite in Guernsey for group camping experiences.

For those seeking a larger retreat, the 32-bed farmhouse is available for exclusive hire, providing a cosy and communal space perfect for hen parties, stag dos and other group events. Les Maingys offers a diverse stay that caters to all adventurers within the picturesque embrace of Guernsey’s landscapes.

La Bailloterie

Bailloterie Lane, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5HA

A top choice for caravan holidays in Guernsey, La Bailloterie provides a perfect blend of tranquillity and adventure with a reputation spanning half a century. With sizable pitches and great facilities, the site caters to tents, caravans and motorhomes, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

This 10-acre site is located in a rural position to the north of the island with a private entrance dedicated to motorhomes. With great pricing, La Bailloterie offers incredible value for money where you can also choose your own pitch and enjoy private electric hookups.

Beaucette Campervans

Route de la Lande, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5BQ

Guernsey’s pioneering campervan haven at Beaucette Marina is the premier site for motorhomes offering an intimate destination for up to twelve campervans at a time. Each pitch comes complete with a picnic area, power and water whilst facilities comprise a hot water washing area, ‘grey’ water disposal, shower block and laundry amenities.

Positioned on the island’s northern tip, the location offers unrivalled coastal views and access to the marina services including showers, laundry and WiFi. Car and EVie bike rentals, a nearby bus stop and free parking are an added convenience whilst the marina’s restaurant offers a culinary journey with locally sourced ingredients. Adjacent to iconic coastal paths, beautiful beaches and historic sites, Beaucette Marina is a gateway to Guernsey’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

Camping Guernsey FAQ