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Welcome to Hotels Online! We established this website to share our extensive travel knowledge and experiences from our journeys around the British Isles.

Hello, I’m Maz, and I’m one of those fortunate millennials without kids, which means I have the luxury of free time. With a background in co-founding and running a travel technology company for nearly a decade, travelling became a necessity for me. My work often took me to various destinations, mainly across the UK.

During these work-related trips, I would frequently find myself spending a week or two in a particular town or region, visiting numerous hotels and guesthouses. This constant movement allowed me to quickly become acquainted with different areas, especially since I often opted to rent a car for convenience.

Throughout this period, there was hardly any corner of the UK left unexplored by me. Additionally, I regularly ventured to the charming islands of Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man.

Travelling alone provided ample opportunities for me to spend evenings and weekends leisurely exploring local attractions and sites at my own pace.

Since then, my wanderlust has only grown stronger, and I now make a concerted effort to explore destinations even farther afield.

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