Bed and Breakfasts Guernsey

Guernsey is a destination bursting with charm and there is no greater way to enjoy the quaint side of the island than resting your head in a bed and breakfast Guernsey. Bed and breakfasts across Guernsey are highly regarded as some of the best places to stay when visiting the island thanks to their welcoming vibe, exceptional hospitality and intimate environment.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate luxury stay or a simple, family-run establishment, Guernsey has an outstanding collection of bed and breakfasts across the island. Stay at the heart of the action in St Peter Port or unwind after a day exploring in a more rural location. Regardless of the type of bed and breakfast you are looking for, there is no doubt that you will find it and enjoy a magical break in Guernsey.

Reasons to Choose a Guernsey Bed and Breakfast

With so many impressive accommodation choices scattered across the island, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right one for you. From glamorous hotels to idyllic campsites, Guernsey offers incredible accommodation at both ends of the spectrum. However, bed and breakfasts in Guernsey remain a stand out choice and there are many reasons why visitors to the island are returning to Guernsey bed and breakfast’s time and again.

Exceptional Hospitality

Whilst hotels and resorts may offer all the facilities, nowhere does hospitality like a bed and breakfast. Often family-run, bed and breakfasts are typically small businesses whose owners take immense pride in their venture. This definitely applies to the bed and breakfast’s in Guernsey where each establishment exudes a welcoming ambiance. These bed and breakfasts aim to create a homely environment for their guests and unlike being just one among many check-ins, at a Guernsey bed and breakfast, your presence is valued with every effort made to ensure a remarkable stay.

Intimate Environment

Bed and breakfasts differ from hotels in that they are smaller in size and therefore, accommodate fewer guests. This creates a more intimate environment with less people within the property creating a quieter and more tranquil ambiance. With less hustle and bustle, you can truly unwind and enjoy your Guernsey holiday in total relaxation.

Another advantage of accommodating fewer guests is that it enables a more personalised service. Owners and staff have the opportunity to dedicate time to each individual and you will find that many establishments often familiarise themselves with your name. This personalised approach also allows you to acquire local insights, invaluable tips and recommendations for your Guernsey adventures that only an island local would be able to supply you with.

No Frills Accommodation

Whilst the extensive facilities of the biggest hotels and resorts are certainly impressive, they are not always required. If you are spending your days out and about exploring, it can be frustrating to know that you are paying over the odds for hotel facilities that you won’t even use. For those visiting Guernsey to actually experience Guernsey, choosing a bed and breakfast is a great alternative as it offers no frills accommodation.

Bed and breakfast’s in Guernsey offer everything you need from a comfortable stay including cosy rooms and breakfast facilities. Some even come with additional amenities that you may wish to choose but many are basic in design to offer simple accommodation. In this regard, a bed and breakfast is also often a more affordable option as nightly rates are not bumped up to cover the available facilities. You will find that even the most luxurious Guernsey bed and breakfast’s can be enjoyed at a fraction of the price of the island’s hotels.

Breakfast is Included

As the name may suggest, breakfast is included when you book a bed and breakfast. A great way to start the day when exploring Guernsey, you can rest assured that your first meal is taken care of without having to navigate the island in search of breakfast options. Simply roll out of bed and indulge in a delicious breakfast before embarking on your Guernsey escapades. Plus, as breakfast is factored into your nightly room rate, that is one less meal to factor into your holiday budget.

Value for Money

With no fuss accommodation and breakfast included, the value for money for a bed and breakfast is seriously impressive. Not only that but you can enjoy a more relaxing stay with less guests, a more personalised service with phenomenal hospitality and expert local knowledge at no extra cost. Plus, the attention to detail and cosy accommodation is remarkable and there is no doubt that you will feel like you have scored yourself a bargain.

Bed and Breakfasts in Guernsey

So now you know the incredible reasons why you should choose a Guernsey bed and breakfast, it is time to find the perfect one for you. Not all bed and breakfasts are created equal but there is one to suit every taste, need and budget. With Guernsey’s bed and breakfasts scattered all across the island, Guernsey holidaymakers are simply spoilt for choice with the extensive selection of remarkable bed and breakfast’s in Guernsey that are on offer.

Le Chêne Bed and Breakfast Guernsey

Forest Road, Forest, Guernsey, GY8 0AH

Le Chêne Bed and Breakfast in Guernsey offers a delightful retreat that seamlessly blends comfort, delectable dining and a range of activities to be enjoyed. The accommodation embodies a warm and inviting atmosphere with well-appointed rooms designed to provide a cosy haven where guests can unwind after a day of exploring the island. The attention to detail is exceptional in every room with each room boasting a beautiful, cottage style. Plus with just 26 rooms, Le Chêne guarantees a relaxing and restful stay.

One of the standout features is the culinary experience at Le Chêne. The breakfast spread is a true highlight with a diverse selection of options to satisfy every palate. From hearty English breakfasts to lighter continental choices, the morning meal sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

In 2018 and 2019, Le Chêne received a Breakfast Award from Visit Guernsey showing just how impressive the breakfast experience here is. For lunch and dinner, The Deerhound is one the most impressive dining establishments in Forest and for guests of Le Chêne, it is just a three minute walk away with a 15% discount.

This bed and breakfast also caters to various interests with its array of activities. Whether you enjoy leisurely walks through lush gardens or seeking a more active exploration, the surrounding area offers something for everyone. The proximity to local attractions and picturesque sites adds an extra layer of convenience and enjoyment with the buzz of St Peter Port just 10 minutes away.

The facilities and service at Le Chêne complement the overall experience. The garden area provides a serene space to unwind whilst the attentive and friendly staff contribute to the homely ambiance. The bed and breakfast’s commitment to guest satisfaction is evident in the seamless blend of comfort, culinary delights and well-curated activities, making Le Chêne bed and breakfast a charming choice for a memorable stay in Guernsey.

Les Cotils Guernsey

L’Hyvreuse, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1UU

Nestled in the captivating landscape of the Guernsey countryside with views overlooking St Peter Port, Les Cotils Guernsey provides a serene escape that seamlessly merges relaxation, stunning surroundings and attentive hospitality. The house exudes a charming elegance with beautifully furnished rooms that offer a tranquil haven for guests seeking a rejuvenating retreat.

Featuring 25 en-suite rooms, guests are limited with plenty of space to enjoy throughout the property and beautiful grounds. One of the defining features of Les Cotils is its idyllic location, offering captivating views of the sea and set amidst lush gardens. This provides a picturesque backdrop that complements the tranquil atmosphere of the bed and breakfast, allowing guests to truly unwind and disconnect from the bustle of everyday life.

The breakfast experience at Les Cotils is a true delight reflecting both quality and variety. The spread caters to a variety of different preferences ensuring a satisfying start to each day for every guest. In addition to the great breakfast included in the nightly rate, The Swiffen Room also hosts lunch, dinner and Sunday roasts catering for all meals of the day. With its scenic views, comfortable accommodation and impeccable service, Les Cotils provides a wonderful haven for those seeking a peaceful break in Guernsey.

Les Rouvets Farm Bed and Breakfast

Rue Des Rouvets, St Saviour, Guernsey, GY7 9ND

Les Rouvets Farm is a Guernsey bed and breakfast that is a hidden gem which promises to offer an exceptional experience. Tucked away in the tranquil countryside of St Saviour, this charming establishment offers the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. The accommodation at Les Rouvets Farm is the true highlight featuring tastefully designed rooms that ooze both cosiness and elegance. The attention to detail is evident in every corner and the serene surroundings add to the overall sense of tranquillity.

The warm and welcoming hosts go above and beyond to ensure that every guest’s needs are met. Their genuine hospitality creates a home-away-from-home atmosphere that makes the stay even more enjoyable. Plus, the hearty breakfast served at the farm is a delicious start to the day featuring locally sourced ingredients that capture the flavour of Guernsey.

Whilst the bed and breakfast side of Les Rouvets Farm is guaranteed to impress, one of the biggest advantages of staying at Les Rouvets Farm is its strategic location.

While it offers a peaceful retreat away from the noise of Guernsey’s busiest corners, it’s also conveniently close to various attractions and points of interest in Guernsey. This makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the island and a relaxing place to retreat to after a day of adventure. The property also boasts an outdoor swimming pool, the perfect place to enjoy a rest day or unwind after a busy day throughout the summer months.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, exploration or a bit of both, Les Rouvets Farm is the perfect destination. With its charming accommodation, delightful breakfast and warm hospitality, it stands out as a Guernsey bed and breakfast that outshines others.

La Roche Guest House

Les Rohais de Haut, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7NA

La Roche Guest House in Guernsey is a delightful haven that combines comfort, personalised hospitality and a traditional farmhouse vibe. The welcoming hosts are committed to making each guest’s experience extraordinary whilst they create an inviting atmosphere that feels like a home. The delicious breakfast offerings served each morning reflect the dedication to quality and is a delightful start to the day.

La Roche Guest House’s location allows for easy access to some of the island’s more rural attractions with many war sites located nearby. Then after a day exploring, the guest house provides classic and cosy rooms where you can reflect on the day and rest your head. With views of the sea from many of the guest rooms, accommodation at La Roche Guest House is the perfect destination to sit back and admire the view.

Found at the more affordable end of bed and breakfast pricing, La Roche Guest House offers great value for money and is great for Guernsey holiday makers keeping an eye on the budget.

Fleur du Jardin

Les Grands Moulins, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7JT

A cross between a relaxed country guest house and the epitome of refined luxury, Fleur du Jardin is an elegant 15th century farmstead that feels extremely comforting. Offering an unparalleled escape that combines exceptional comfort, delectable dining and captivating surroundings, Fleur du Jardin is welcoming and sophisticated.

Each room is thoughtfully designed to offer a blend of modern comfort and timeless charm so whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat, the rooms here provide the perfect sanctuary for your stay. With a renowned restaurant on-site, Fleur du Jardin is home to an award-winning gastro pub that takes you on a delicious culinary journey. From sumptuous breakfasts to exquisite dining experiences, menus are a delightful mix of comfort food and gourmet masterpieces.

However, it is not just the luxurious accommodation and exceptional cuisine where Fleur du Jardin goes above and beyond. If you’re looking for a bit extra, Fleur du Jardin is the perfect middle ground between a basic guest house and an amenity-rich hotel where you can immerse yourself in the lush gardens, soak in the sun by the poolside or indulge in an array of treatments at The Lavender Rooms.

Fleur du Jardin is a destination where you can elevate your stay in Guernsey with a touch of opulence. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking an unforgettable escape, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Yacht Inn

South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1AN

If you are looking for a bed and breakfast in the heart of the action, The Yacht Inn is a perfect bed and breakfast in St Peter Port, Guernsey. Situated on the waterfront and just metres from Victor Hugo House, one of Guernsey’s top attractions, The Yacht Inn boasts prime real estate within the island’s capital.

Entering the bed and breakfast is like stepping into a world of nautical elegance with coastal inspired decor throughout. Each guest room captures the spirit of the sea with windows perfectly framing the mesmerising turquoise water just outside.

Breakfast is enjoyed on-site with an extensive and filling variety of options to indulge in. Then for meals throughout the day, St Peter Port is your oyster with outstanding eateries across the city including outstanding seafood restaurants located just steps from the bed and breakfast. With just 13 rooms, The Yacht Inn is an intimate and peaceful environment where you can retreat to without leaving the heart of the city. Its magnificent location and relaxing location makes The Yacht Inn a leading accommodation type in St Peter Port.

The Duke of Normandie

Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2JP

The Duke of Normandie in Guernsey is an absolute gem, seamlessly blending the charm of a bed and breakfast with the convenience of being nestled in the heart of St Peter Port. This boutique hotel exudes character and offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere that showcases the beauty of a classic Guernsey bed and breakfast.

The comfortable rooms are elegantly decorated and provide a cosy retreat after a day of exploring. Featuring 40 rooms, The Duke of Normandie is significantly larger than a lot of Guernsey bed and breakfast’s but that does not take away from its charm and character. Plus, the central location is a great advantage allowing for easy access to St. Peter Port’s vibrant attractions and stunning views.

When it comes to dining, The Duke of Normandie is home to The Pickled Pig, renowned as Guernsey’s favourite gastro pub. It is here where you can enjoy all three meals of the day including an impressive breakfast that is included in your nightly rate.

In addition, The Duke of Normandie also offers multiple suites with fully equipped kitchenettes for those who like to benefit from self-catering facilities. From its inviting accommodation to the friendly staff, this hotel captures the essence of both a traditional bed and breakfast and the vibrant energy of Guernsey’s capital.

Marton Guest House

Les Vardes, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1BH

Marton Guest House is a Guernsey bed and breakfast that offers a delightful escape characterised by comfortable rooms, a prime location and a hearty breakfast that all set the tone for a memorable stay. The tastefully designed rooms provide a cosy haven, combining modern amenities with a touch of elegance and whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, the accommodation caters to your every need.

Nestled in a convenient location just a short walk to the centre of the capital, Marton Guest House allows you to easily explore Guernsey’s attractions. Within minutes you can be strolling along the beach or discovering the charm of St. Peter Port with the bed and breakfast’s central location that ensures adventure is always within reach.

The breakfast experience is also a great element of the stay where you can indulge in a wholesome morning meal that ranges from traditional English options to lighter choices, setting you up for a day of island exploration. With its cosy rooms, top location and satisfying breakfast offerings, Marton Guest House fulfils everything you could need in a Guernsey bed and breakfast.