Jersey Holiday Questions and Answers

A selection of Jersey holiday questions we have received from travellers when planning their Jersey holiday plans.  

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Your Jersey Holiday Questions and Answers

Q: Please can you e-mail me a list of hotels and prices.  I’m like to stay somewhere near Jersey college for Girls?

A: The Jersey College for Girls is based in the St Helier region so I would recommend the following nearby hotels:

  • Hotel de France
  • Revere Hotel
  • Pomme d’Or Hotel
  • Mountview Hotel

Q: Working there next week, north of St Peters village.  Are there any hotels/guest houses here?

A: There are no guest houses in the area but the West View Hotel is on the border of St. Mary and St Peter.  Another option would be Les Charrieres which is in the same area.

Q: I am trying to locate the Greve D’Azette hotel – Can you help please?

A: The Greve d’Azette hotel closed down a number of years ago and is now apartments.

Q: Hi, we have a small campervan based on a ford transit can we bring it to Jersey or any other Channel Islands and is there suitable campsites to stay on?

A: You will need to contact the camp sites direct.  There are 3 in Jersey & 3 in Guernsey.


  • Rozel Camping Park, St Martin
  • Beuvelande Camp site, St Martin
  • Bleu Soleil, St Ouen


  • Fauxquets Valley
  • La Bailloterie
  • Vaugrat, St Sampsons

Q: In which town is the Flower carnival held.  Can you book a seat to watch either days?

A: The Battle of Flowers is an annual event held on the 2nd Thursday and Friday in August.  The Thursday parade is held in the afternoon and the Friday Moonlight parade is held in the evening. Tickets can be purchased for either event through the Battle of Flowers official website

There is now only one hotel near the parade area, just at the beginning of the parade route.  This is the 5 star Grand Jersey.  In order to see the Battle of Flowers parade properly you would need to pay to enter the arena or you can purchase stand seats.

Q: Will be spending 2 weeks in St Helier and would like to know if there is any launderettes so as we can decide how much to pack?

A: There are a number of launderettes in St Helier.  You do not say where in St Helier you will be staying but I am sure there will be one nearby.

Q: I would like a list of self-catering apartments etc.  My wife and I stayed at Boscobel Farm apartments last week.  We are trying to organise a similar holiday next year with the family but although Boscobel was ideal for us I think the accommodation for the family is just a little too small.  I need to cater for 4 adults and 3 children, can you assist?  This would be for next year, possibly August.

A: The only one that we believe is really suitable for a family of this size would be La Rocco (several apartments sleep up to 6 adults and can accommodate an additional child) or Beau Rivage (several apartments sleep up to 4 adults + 4 children).

Q: We are planning a week’s holiday in Jersey and are considering the Beachcombers Hotel in Grouville.  What arrangements are in place for transport between the airport and Grouville?

A: The Beachcombers is the opposite side of the island to the airport. If using the local bus service this would require taking one bus to the main bus Station and then another bus to the hotel.  Alternatively there are plenty of taxis available at the airport.  Your third option would be to hire a car for your holiday.  This could be collected at the airport and returned there at the end of your holiday.

Q: My sister is getting married on 29th Dec. We would like to be there from 28th till 31st, 7 adults and 3 children ages 1, 3 and 7.  I am looking at hotels with bed and breakfast and I would like to stay in St Helier, please could you send me your best deal?

A: At that time of year there isn’t going to be that much choice. Your best choices are going to be the Mayfair (3 star), the Apollo Hotel Jersey (3 star) or the Monterey Jersey Hotel (3 star).

Q: I am searching for accommodation in St Ouens, Jersey, please advise me of some guest houses and hotels in the actual place.

A: There are no longer any guest houses or hotels in the St Ouen area.  The nearest hotels would be West View, St Mary, Miramar, or St Brelade.  The only guest accommodation left in St Ouen is self-catering.

Q: Is the Lavender Villa hotel permanently closed or only closed at this time of year please?

A: The Lavender Villa has been sold and will no longer be trading as a hotel.  Possible alternatives in that area would be: Beachcombers Hotel, Old Bank House Hotel, Dolphin Hotel or Moorings Hotel.  Of these 4 only the Beachcombers has a swimming pool.  Slightly further away but in a coastal location is Pontac House which does have a swimming pool.

Q: I have got a hearing dog for deaf people, Iris, she is less than a medium size dog. she is a working dog.  I am wondering which guest houses are allowing to have a working dog for a short break holiday in June?

A: We now have a page listing all the accommodation that accept guide and hearing dogs which can be found here.

Q: I know that sterling is accepted in Jersey but can you please confirm whether or not SCOTTISH banknotes are accepted?  Are Euros accepted?  Is there a charge for withdrawing cash at ATMs on Jersey using an RBS maestro card?

A: Scottish bank notes are accepted in Jersey and the other Channel Islands as they have the same value as sterling.  Euros are also accepted in some establishments but if you are planning to visit I would just use Scottish notes and avoid any rate of exchange.  There is no charge withdrawing cash at ATMs but they will dispense Jersey currency (a few dispense sterling).

Q: Hi, me and my wife would like to go to Jersey for a holiday next.  My son will be ten so I’m looking for something we can both enjoy, we would like to go when the weather is warmer enough for the beach I guess you can rely on the weather a bit better than here on the mainland.  We would go by plane as Plymouth airport is on my doorstep.  Also when I’m there if I needed to draw money out of my bank is that still possible the same way as it is over here?  And this might sound daft but my passport has run out but I should not need it to go there should I unless I visited France?  If you could help me on this that would be great.

A: I am Presuming your enquiry is for next year in main Summer holiday period.  Regarding the passport issue, all airlines now require photographic ID, passport being the obvious but citizens card or driving licence also acceptable with most airlines.  Jersey has all the major banks but if you have a building society account then you may have a problem.  Regarding when to visit and where to stay, the weather is very much the same as the South West of England but can be a couple of degrees warmer.  You do not state what you budget might be but one of the best hotels for children is the Merton Hotel as they have so many facilities, including their own aquadome and flowrider, so even if the weather is not ideal there is always something to do.

They also have single parent deals but early booking is recommended.  If however you prefer something near the beach I would suggest the Miramar (above St Brelades Bay) or the Golden Sands (on the beachfront at St Brelades Bay).

Q: Can you please tell me what hotels are there for disabled people as looking and no information is given?

A: We now have a page listing all the accommodation with disabled facilities that can be found here.

Q: I would like to know if I can book self-catering apartments for 2 or 3 nights only; (I found only some for 7 days). Please indicate the places if possible.

A: The problem with self-catering is that the majority are restricted during the high season for arrivals on Saturday and only for multiples of 7 nights. The only one we know for sure that allows short stays is Liberty Apartments as they are designed for corporate as well as leisure visitors.

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