Forest, Guernsey Holidays

With a name like Forest, it is easy to assume that this idyllic parish is one of natural beauty and green landscapes and you would be correct. This small parish in the south of Guernsey is the highest point on the island with expanses of woodland and large open green spaces. Forest is a busy hub of outdoor activity and adventure with breathtaking destinations both inland and along the coastline. A popular destination for both walking and cycling, Forest has jaw-dropping scenery in every direction with the most spectacular views of the coastal landscape from the clifftops. Home to Guernsey Airport, Forest is often the first place that visitors get a glimpse of and the parish makes a phenomenal introduction.

Forest Historic Sites and Attractions

The showcase of the island’s history begins upon arrival with the first of the island’s monuments situated just outside of Guernsey Airport terminal. Located in Forest, Guernsey Airport welcomes just shy of a million passengers every year and those passing through will see the Allied Aircrew Memorial located just outside. The monument is a memorial to the 153 who lost their lives in Bailiwick waters during the German Occupation.

Playing a strong role in Guernsey’s war history, Forest is also home to the German Occupation Museum. This important and fascinating museum provides an immersive experience and thought provoking insight into Guernsey life during World War II. The museum features a recreation of a war-era Guernsey street showcasing day to day life on the island throughout the Second World War and German occupation. Featuring authentic artefacts and genuine photography, the German Occupation Museum is one of the best war history visitor attractions found in the Channel Islands.

Guernsey is also bursting with megalithic sites but Forest is surprisingly home to just the one. Based on the four cup markings in the stone, Le Perron du Roi once made up part of a dolmen in the area. Given a new lease of life, Le Perron du Roi currently makes up part of the wall at Le Bourg and is easy to miss if you are not looking for it.

German Occupation Museum, Guernsey

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German Occupation Museum, Guernsey

Le Bigard, Guernsey
Le Bigard
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The area known as Le Bigard is characterised by quaint old cottages and high hedgerows. In the Spring and Summer there are lots of wild flowers and this area is a popular cycling route.

Guernsey Airport, Forest, Guernsey

La Villaize
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Forest Other Points of Interest

Nestled on the south coast, Forest boasts some of the island’s best beaches with sun trapped bays, calm waters and dramatic scenery. One of the most idyllic is Petit Bot, a sheltered bay with soft, golden sands. Protected from the elements by the cliffs, Petit Bot is one of Guernsey’s best beaches for swimming. The calm sea also attracts kayaks and paddle boarding with tranquil waters to paddle through. With a long stretch of sand, there is ample space for relaxing under the sun and at low tide, the waters retreat to reveal fascinating rock pools. Whilst the beach is relatively remote, it does feature great facilities including the charming Petit Bot Tearooms. This hidden gem offers the best Guernsey scenery with the picture-perfect Mediterranean-esque landscape that the Channel Islands are renowned for.

Forest features exceptional countryside walks, perfect for long walks or a spot of cycling. The parish features miles of country lanes passing through fields, farms and woodland in addition to numerous coastal paths with captivating ocean views. The coastal paths pass by many historical sites including ancient forts, towers and batteries as well as providing access to some beautiful beaches below.

The parish is also famous for spectacular floral displays and is a repeat award-winner for Britain In Bloom. It is common to see vibrant and breathtaking displays when travelling throughout Forest which adds to the beauty of this blissful parish.

Forest Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

Forest is home to a wealth of independent food retailers selling local produce and ingredients of exceptional quality. Forest is perfect for visitors to Guernsey on a self-catering holiday with an abundance of stores to purchase local food of finest and freshest quality. The parish also features a number of high street retailers predominantly found on Forest Road.

As a countryside location, Forest is no stranger to a country pub. With welcoming atmospheres, delicious menus and cosy settings, Forest’s traditional inn’s are the ideal spot for a drink or a meal after a day of exploring what the parish has to offer.

Nightlife in Forest is tame with the occasional spot of live entertainment, karaoke or a quiz held in the local pubs. Alternatively, The Mallard Cinema shows the latest films for a bargain price within this charming, independent cinema with just four screens.

Forest Sports and Events

Forest is a highly community-led parish with an abundance of events held in the community throughout the year. There are celebrations throughout the seasons open to all including the Sporting Flower Festival and the Autumn Flower and Harvest Festival. Meanwhile, sporting facilities in the parish are limited but walking, cycling and relaxed watersports are all popular activities.

Forest Transportation

Home to Guernsey Airport, Forest is one of Guernsey’s major transportation hubs with an abundance of car hire options and regular connections across the island via public transport. For drivers navigating Guernsey by car, Forest is very easy to explore with convenient roads, ample parking and decent signposting. However, many of the best beaches found in Forest are hidden gems located at the base of cliffs. To visit these, you may need to park on the cliff and walk down. Some coastal pathways may be steep or rugged and may not be accessible to all on foot.

If you are exploring the island via public transportation, Forest is extremely well connected. There are four routes running through Forest connecting Guernsey Airport and St Peter Port Bus Terminus with routes travelling to the rest of the island. Routes 91 and 92 take in a circular tour of the island passing through all parishes with the exception of St Andrew. Guernsey’s bus service operated by CT Plus offers affordable and reliable public transportation across the island with daily, weekly and family fares available.