Diving in Guernsey

Nestled at the heart of the English Channel, the Channel Islands are surrounded by endless diving opportunities. Abundant in marine life and bursting with wreck sites to explore, the Channel Islands is one of Europe’s most impressive diving destinations. Guernsey is particularly impressive with its rugged coastline acting as a gateway to World War II wrecks and vibrant wildlife underneath the waves. Guernsey is an incredible place for divers of all abilities to explore the underwater world with incredible dive companies on hand to assist with beginners dives, guided dives and scuba diving certifications. With countless places to discover close to the shore, diving is one of the most phenomenal experiences that Guernsey has to offer.

Scuba Diving in Guernsey

Offering a diverse range of diving opportunities, Guernsey is the premier destination in the Channel Islands for exploring the hidden world below the surface. From shore diving spots perfect for beginners to more challenging reef dives, Guernsey offers it all. With multiple dive companies located on the island, you will find dive instructors and locations that perfectly suit your wants and needs. You can also hire scuba diving equipment making it easy and convenient to enjoy a dive in Guernsey.

Scuba diving in Guernsey is available throughout the year, however, the summer months boast a particularly mild climate with some days reminiscent of Europe’s popular holiday destinations. When you are exploring the vibrant reefs and meeting colourful marine life with the sunlight making the water glisten, it can be easy to forget that you are just an hour flight away from the UK mainland.

Snorkelling in Guernsey

For those looking to experience Guernsey waters on a less immersive level, snorkelling also offers great opportunities. Snorkelling in Guernsey is perfect for beginners to diving, those with less confidence or even visitors to the island who are short of time. Wherever you can access the waters, you can snorkel in Guernsey. While some locations offer more to see than others, visitors to Guernsey can fit snorkelling into their holiday without the restrictions of scheduled dive times. Snorkelling gives you the flexibility to head out on your own and explore under the sea solo.

Guernsey’s dive companies are more than happy to provide recommendations while also renting out snorkelling equipment to enhance your snorkelling experience. When you snorkel in Guernsey, you have the comfort of navigating the waters at your own comfort level while at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Dive Schools in Guernsey

For the best diving experience in Guernsey, choosing one of the island’s dive schools is the best choice. They offer the safety and security that you will be diving with highly qualified instructors who know the area well. It also gives you the freedom to travel without equipment and hire your own. Plus, if you are looking to get qualified, Guernsey’s dive instructors coordinate PADI certifications which will enable you to enjoy magnificent dive sites across the world.

Guernsey is home to two dive schools that offer dive training and dive excursions to the most incredible dive sites surrounding the island.

Donkey Divers

Donkey Divers is a 5 star PADI dive centre that is arguably the ultimate dive school in Guernsey. Run by the island’s only full-time PADI dive instructor, you can engage in the full range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba Diving to PADI Divemaster. You can also opt into refresher sessions if it has been a while since you went for a dive. They also operate the popular Bubble Maker course which offers kids a taste of scuba diving and allows them to take their first breath underwater. In addition to training, Donkey Divers also offers numerous recreational dives to the best dive sites at an incredibly affordable price.

Dive Guernsey

With a dive shop located just outside Castle Cornet, Dive Guernsey is a dive school located at the heart of the action. Offering dive and snorkelling to all abilities, Dive Guernsey perfectly fits into your holiday itinerary. Instead of joining pre-scheduled dives, Dive Guernsey offers you the flexibility to arrange a private dive on a date that suits you. You can also choose a certain dive site and Dive Guernsey will get back to you with a personalised dive itinerary.

Dive Sites in Guernsey

Guernsey waters are home to incredible dive sites that cater to a diverse range of abilities. There are fascinating shore dives perfect for beginners and breathtaking reef dives offering more of a challenge. Although there is a seemingly endless list of places to discover in Guernsey waters, the best scuba diving in Guernsey can be found at these dive sites.

Havelet Bay

This shore diving spot is perfect for beginners, nestled in a sheltered bay and protected from the winds. Conditions are consistently calm, making it a safe place for newbies to explore underwater. The variety of marine life is very impressive in this bay and divers will regularly encounter spider crabs, flatfish and lumpsuckers. If you are short on time or not a confident diver, you can also snorkel in Havelet Bay and still discover the underwater world. Overlooked by Castle Cornet, this spot also offers great scenery above the water too.

Saint’s Bay

While Guernsey’s tidal range is renowned for being dramatic at times, Saint’s Bay is another section of the island’s coastline that remains safe for diving and snorkelling. Another shore dive site that is great for beginners, Saint’s Bay is bursting with vibrant marine life throughout the summer months. It is a quiet and peaceful spot that is ideal for a relaxing beach day, alongside a dive or snorkel.

Cement Wreck

The most iconic wreck site to be discovered off the coast of Guernsey is Cement Wreck. Captured by the Nazis during World War II, the Dutch ship Oost Vlaanderen was eventually sunk by the RAF and formed the wreck site. Sitting 33m below the surface, the ship has remained relatively intact. It is a safe wreck site to explore and divers will often discover lobsters hiding out within the ship.

DR Rudolph Wahrendorf

Found just outside St Peter Port harbour, the DR Rudolph Wahrendorf is another Guernsey wreck site from the war. The ultimate Guernsey dive site for experienced divers, DR Rudolph Wahrendorf is located at the same depth as Cement Wreck but feels a lot more eerie. Nestled into a muddy seabed and surrounded by murky waters, this wreck site is a true reflection of wartime Guernsey.


On Guernsey’s southern coastline, Peastacks is one of the island’s best reef dive sites. Starting in shallow waters and getting to 35m deep, this site caters to both beginners and experienced divers. It is home to a great number of different species, including conger eels, native to north Atlantic waters. You may also discover the rare species of Ormers, a shellfish that can only be found in the Channel Islands.

Boue Blondel

A few miles from the west coast, Boue Blondel is the reef site with the best visibility. A remote site, many species inhabit this area and you never know what marine life you may discover. This site also has the largest population of seabass in the Channel Islands. Here you will also see beautiful reefs with jewel anemones, fan coral, dead man’s fingers and sunset coral cups.

Les Hanois Lighthouse

Suitable for advanced and NITROX divers only, the dive site at Les Hanois Lighthouse is 30-50 m in depth. With strong currents, it is quite the challenge but that just makes the experience more exciting. You can regularly see lobsters, crabs and conger eels but it has also been known to spot dolphins, whales and sharks in these waters.

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