Guernsey Travel

A picturesque gem nestled in the English Channel, the island of Guernsey lies just off the coast of Normandy and is the perfect holiday destination for UK travellers. This charming island, with its rich history and captivating landscapes, offers a unique blend of British and French influences melting together to create a unique and vibrant culture. Boasting stunning beaches, lush countryside and exciting attractions, Guernsey offers holidaymakers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

Situated approximately 30 miles west of the French coast, Guernsey is easily accessible by ferry or plane, making it a convenient and alluring destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the UK mainland. With flight times under an hour alongside alternative travel options, Guernsey is an incredible destination for a spontaneous getaway.

What Documents do I Need to Travel to Guernsey?

As part of The Common Travel Area, there is no document requirement for immigration purposes when travelling from the UK to Guernsey for British Citizens. However, as visitors to Guernsey will be arriving via plane or ferry, identification is required for these travel methods. It is advised to check with the airline or ferry operator prior to travel to clarify which forms of identification are accepted.

If you are travelling to Guernsey via ferry with your own vehicle, it is advised to have all vehicle documentation with you including car insurance and your driving licence. If you plan to hire a car on the island instead, your driving licence will also be required.

In addition, as the island is independently governed, the NHS does not cover healthcare in Guernsey. As with any travel, it is advised to have travel insurance in place that covers the entirety of the trip. In addition to covering any necessary healthcare, travel insurance can also cover other areas including cancellations, delays and lost items depending on the provider. It is recommended to have a copy of your travel insurance on you at all times.

Covid-19 vaccination and testing documents are no longer required to travel to Guernsey.

What is The Common Travel Area?

The Common Travel Area is an agreement with open borders between the UK, Crown Dependencies and Ireland allowing for unrestricted travel between the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Within the CTA, British and Irish citizens enjoy the freedom to travel without needing to carry identification for travel or immigration purposes. Any travel between these destinations is considered as domestic and it is not mandatory to have a passport or any other form of identification during journeys within the Common Travel Area.

However, regardless of the Common Travel Area agreement, airlines and ferry companies require identification for travel. All passengers travelling to Guernsey by air or sea must present some form of identification in order to board. Whilst a passport is accepted, other forms of identification are also valid. It is advisable to verify the accepted forms of identification with your airline or carrier before embarking on your journey.

Do you Need a Passport to go to Guernsey?

If you are travelling from the UK to Guernsey, you will need to have a form of identification to travel by air or sea. Whilst identification is not required for entry for UK and Irish citizens, all airlines and ferry operators will require a valid form of identification in order to board. It is common for the majority of travellers to use a passport for identification but as the route is considered domestic travel, other forms of identification are also accepted in place of a passport. If you do not have a valid passport and need to use an alternative form of identification, please check with your airline or the ferry operator prior to travel to confirm your type of identification is accepted.

For EU nationals, a valid passport will be required for entry but a visa is not required. If you are not a UK or EU national, you will require a valid passport and visa requirements vary by country of citizenship.

Does a Child Need a Passport to go to Guernsey?

Children under the age of 16 are not formally required to have a passport or alternative identification if they are travelling with a parent or guardian. However, if your child does have a valid passport, it can be worthwhile travelling with it.

Do you Need a Passport to Travel to Guernsey by Ferry?

You will need a valid form of identification to board the ferry to Guernsey. A passport is an accepted form of identification which is the most popular to use, however, other forms of identification are also accepted. Please consult Condor Ferries directly to confirm the forms of identification they accept.

Can you Take Dogs to Guernsey?

Your four-legged friends are more than welcome to enjoy a holiday with the family in Guernsey. Condor Ferries permits the transportation of dogs allowing you to travel with your pet in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Pets travelling from the UK do not require a pet passport or any additional documentation including vaccination records. However, if your pet originates from abroad, it must have legally landed in the UK.

Whilst pets arriving from the UK do not require any documentation, if you are arriving by ferry from France, you will need additional documentation to depart France and enter Jersey. Pets travelling from Europe must adhere to the Pet Travel Scheme to allow them to travel without quarantine. Failure to comply with the Pet Travel Scheme may result in your pet being denied entry or placed in quarantine. To adhere to the scheme, pets must:

  • Be microchipped
  • Have a valid pet passport certified by a veterinarian
  • Be vaccinated against rabies
  • Receive treatment for tapeworm prior to travel

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Guernsey?

Whilst travel insurance is not mandatory for a trip to Guernsey, it is advised as a precaution and for peace of mind against any potential expenses. The main reason to secure travel insurance is because Guernsey does not offer public healthcare to visitors and the NHS does not cover the Channel Islands. Without adequate travel insurance in Jersey, you may be responsible for covering any necessary medical treatment during your stay if required.

Additionally, travel insurance offers protection in various scenarios, such as travel delays, loss or damage to personal belongings and personal travel coverage for trip cancellations due to reasons beyond the control of travel operators. By having comprehensive travel insurance, you can rest assured that should you need any financial support and assistance throughout your trip, you are covered.

Guernsey Travel by Air from the UK

The most convenient way to travel to Guernsey from the UK is by air. Offering frequent flight schedules from multiple UK airports including daily flights and seasonal routes, numerous airlines offer routes between the UK and Guernsey. Many routes have a one hour flight time allowing for easy access to the island, perfect for spontaneous trips and convenient for family breaks.

Aurigny is the main airline servicing Guernsey with daily flights offered from the following UK airports:

  • London Gatwick
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Southampton

Aurigny offers a frequent and reliable service between Guernsey and the UK with three fare options. The cheapest option is Light, inclusive of 10kg cabin baggage and perfect for Guernsey short breaks by air. For extra luggage, Smart also includes 23kg of hold luggage, free seat selection and no flight change fee. Alternatively, for ultimate freedom in your travel plans, Flexi is a great option that not only includes two 23kg hold bags but is also fully refundable should your plans change. All fares earn Aurigny Frequent Flyer points.

Daily flights are also available from London City via British Airways.

A regular year-round service is also offered with multiple flights per week from:

  • Bristol (Aurigny)
  • East Midlands (Aurigny)
  • Exeter (Aurigny)
  • Southampton (Blue Islands)

In addition, Aurginy operates seasonal services from:

  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds Bradford
  • Norwich

Blue Islands also works in partnership with Loganair to provide connecting flights from multiple UK airports changing at either Southampton or Jersey.

Guernsey Travel by Sea from the UK

As an alternative to air travel, Condor Ferries offers frequent sailings from the UK to Guernsey from two UK ports. Ferry services are available from both Poole and Portsmouth allowing you to travel as either a foot passenger or with your own vehicle.

Travelling by ferry with a car offers you the flexibility to explore Guernsey in your own car, at your own pace, bring along your canine companions and enjoy unlimited luggage. As a foot passenger, ferry travel is often more cost-effective than flying and it comes with a generous 25kg personal luggage allowance which exceeds airline restrictions. Foot passengers are exempt from fees for transporting bicycles and for an additional charge, larger items such as camping gear, filming equipment and surfboards can also be accommodated.

Whilst sailing is a longer journey time than flying, Condor Ferries enhances the travel experience with excellent on-board amenities including Wi-Fi, a dedicated children’s TV room, a duty-free shop and various dining options. Travelling by sea also offers a slower pace of travel and a more scenic approach to Guernsey with magnificent views of the English Channel.

Coach Holidays to Guernsey

Coach tours provide a stress-free way to explore the island’s picturesque landscapes, historic sites and hidden gems. With knowledgeable guides, comfortable transportation and carefully curated itineraries, coach holidays to Guernsey offers a convenient and immersive experience for travellers looking to have their trip planned for them. From the UK, there are an incredible number of coach companies and tour operators providing coach holidays to Guernsey. Check out coach holidays to Guernsey departing from your area.

Guernsey Travel from the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands make it easy to island hop with frequent flights, ferries and other sailings to visit and explore the other islands. As the main transportation hub for the Channel Islands, Jersey offers flights to and from many destinations that Guernsey is not directly connected to. It is therefore easy to travel from a wider selection of departure airports with a short connection in Jersey thanks to Blue Islands and Loganair. Daily flights are also available to neighbouring Channel Island Alderney.

When it comes to ferry services, Condor Ferries offers a regular connection to Jersey. The service operates multiple times per week and the journey takes approximately one hour. For those looking to visit Alderney, the Alderney Ferry Services runs three times a day whilst Sark Shipping also offers multiple sailings per day for trips to Sark. In addition, Travel Trident offers a daily ferry service to Herm.

Guernsey Travel from Europe

In addition to attracting a wealth of UK travellers, Guernsey is also a popular destination for European holidaymakers, particularly visitors from France. Located just 30 miles from the French coastline, the island is a great destination for French travellers to visit. The most popular way for French visitors to explore the island is via ferry services operated by Condor Ferries and Manches Iles Express. Until September 2024, French citizens can visit Guernsey on both ferry operators with National Identity Cards as part of a Day Trip pilot scheme. After this time, French citizens will need to use a passport to visit Guernsey unless the scheme is deemed successful and is extended.

Condor Ferries offers a regular route between St Malo and Guernsey with daily sailings and journey time of less than two hours. Throughout the peak summer months of April to September, Condor Ferries also operates a route between Guernsey and Cherbourg.

In addition to the services operated by Condor Ferries, Manches Iles Express also offers ferry services between Guernsey and France. The operator offers three departure ports; Carteret, Granville and Dielette providing a variety of transportation options and schedules to travel between Guernsey and France.

Not only is Guernsey connected to Europe by sea, there are also multiple flights available. Aurigny operates a seasonal service to Barcelona, Dublin, Grenoble, Ibiza, Malaga and Paris. Plus, FlyDirect provides a seasonal service to Mallorca in partnership with British Airways. For further European destinations, take advantage of connecting flights via Jersey.

Getting Around Guernsey

Whilst there is no doubt that Guernsey is home to some exquisite hotels, resorts and holiday lets that you will want to enjoy, the beauty of this island lies in its exploration. Although the island may be small and easy to navigate, you still need to consider how to get around the island to discover the wonders of its towns, villages and coastline. Whether navigating the island by public transport, exploring every corner with a car or getting off the beaten track on two wheels, getting around Guernsey is a breeze.

Car Hire in Guernsey

Driving is the easiest way to discover Guernsey and if you fly to the island or decide to travel by ferry but not with your own vehicle, there are many car hire companies to choose from on your arrival. Car hire can be organised directly at the airport, ferry terminal or at numerous offices in St Peter Port, however, it is best to pre-book in advance to secure your rate and guarantee your vehicle. Both Europcar and Value Car Hire are based at Guernsey Airport with a desk in the airport’s main concourse and your car will be waiting for you just a few minutes walk away. Other companies will meet you in arrivals or at a designated location to transfer you to their car hire office.

To hire a car in Guernsey, you will need a valid driving licence but an international driving permit is only required for international visitors. In addition to payment for the car hire, a security deposit will also be taken. Many car hire companies will only accept credit cards and there are a limited number that will take debit cards for a security deposit. If you need to use a debit card for your deposit, please confirm directly with the car hire company if they accept them. Car hire companies also have different rental requirements but many require drivers to be aged 25 or over with a valid licence for a minimum of 1 year.

Bringing your Own Car to Guernsey

Taking your own vehicle to Guernsey offers you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace and in your own car. By travelling with Condor Ferries from either Poole or Portsmouth, you can drive your own car directly from the UK to Guernsey. Driving your own car on the island could not be more of a breeze as the island is well sign-posted, easy to navigate and driving is on the left.

If you do bring your own car to Guernsey, ensure you travel with a valid driving licence and car insurance documents. You will also need a UK identifier sticker on your vehicle which should include both the country code and flag. Cars with a country identifier as part of the licence plate do not require an additional sticker.

Please note, for vehicles from the UK, the GB sticker is no longer valid as of September 2021 and must be replaced by a UK sticker to comply with UK and European laws. An additional sticker is required for UK vehicles with a licence plate identifier stating ‘GB’ or ‘EU’ which must now be supported with a UK sticker.

Public Transport in Guernsey

For Guernsey visitors who do not plan to drive in Guernsey, the public transport system on the island is excellent. CT Plus operates the island-wide bus service with regular connections to Guernsey’s top attractions and points of interest. Most routes depart or pass through St Peter Port providing guests staying at the heart of the island with multiple bus services to explore every corner of Guernsey. You can purchase single, multi-day or family tickets either on board or at the bus station in St Peter Port. For timetables, you can access them online or obtain a paper one from either the bus station customer service desk or the Guernsey Tourist Information Centre.

Cycling and Walking in Guernsey

A destination of outstanding natural beauty, it is no surprise that both cycling and walking are popular ways of exploring the island. Guernsey boasts a wealth of cycling trails and walking paths allowing you to discover the island on foot or two wheels with ease. Both coastal and inland trails can be found taking you to some of the island’s most scenic spots. The internet is overflowing with itineraries and guides for Guernsey walking and cycling holidays but you can also obtain maps at the Guernsey Tourist Information Centre and from your hotel reception or concierge. Condor Ferries accepts bicycles free of charge for both foot passengers and those travelling with a vehicle but the island also offers a number of shops for bicycle hire. You may also find your hotel provides a bike rental service. For more information on bicycle hire, contact the Guernsey Tourist Information Centre or your hotel reception.