Guernsey Events in 2024

As an island bursting with culture and diversity, it is no surprise that Guernsey’s event calendar for 2024 is packed with excitement. With a thrilling array of local festivals, celebrations and sporting events, 2024 in Guernsey will be a year to remember. Connecting the local community and attracting international visitors, Guernsey’s events are wholesome, inspiring and exhilarating. If you are visiting Guernsey in 2024, make sure to check out what is going on during your visit to get to know the heart and soul of this breath-taking island.

Guernsey Events Calendar 2024

  • Guernsey Events in January 2024
    • 1st January – New Year’s Day Swim
    • 21st January – Whitedove Wedding Event
  • Guernsey Events in February 2024
    • TBA
  • Guernsey Events in March 2024
    • 22nd March to 24th March – Alderney Literary Festival
    • 29th March to 1st April – EY Easter Running Festival
  • Guernsey Events in April 2024
    • 14th April – Sure Guernsey Marathon
    • 21st to 27th April – World Bowls Indoor Championships
    • 23rd April to 5th May – Guernsey Literary Festival
  • Guernsey Events in May 2024
    • 9th May – Liberation Day
    • 19th May – GU36: Guernsey Ultra
    • 25th May to 9th June – Spring Walking Festival
    • 25th to 26th May – Guernsey Together Festival
  • Guernsey Events in June 2024
    • 3rd to 9th June – Bloomin’ Alderney
    • 8th June – Saffery Rotary Walk
    • 13th June – Guernsey Air Display
    • 28th to 30th June – Chaos 19 2024
  • Guernsey Events in July 2024
    • 1st July – Lé Viaër Marchi
    • 5th to 7th July – SarkFest 2024
    • 19th to 20th July – Sark Sheep Racing
    • 20th July to 3rd August – Guernsey Street Festival
    • 27th July – Rocquaine Regatta
  • Guernsey Events in August 2024
    • 3rd August – ART’s Rock The Rock
    • 3rd to 10th August – Alderney Bunker and Quarry Parties
    • 5th to 10th August – Alderney Week
    • 14th to 15th August – The West Show
    • 17th August – Donkey Derby
    • 21st to 22nd August – North Show and Battle of the Flowers
    • 21st to 25th August – Alderney Chamber Music Festival
    • 24th to 25th August – The Alderney Regatta
    • 25th August – Vale Earth Fair
  • Guernsey Events in September 2024
    • 6th September – Channel Islands Pride
    • 6th to 8th September – Alderney Fly-In
    • 14th to 29th September – Autumn Walking Festival
  • Guernsey Events in October 2024
    • TBA
  • Guernsey Events in November 2024
    • TBA
  • Guernsey Events in December 2024
    • 25th December – Polar Bear Swim
    • 26th December – Boxing Day Swim

Guernsey Events in January 2024

New Year’s Day Swim – 1st January 2024

Whitedove Wedding Event – 21st January 2024

Guernsey Events in February 2024

No events currently scheduled for February 2024

Guernsey Events in March 2024

Alderney Literary Festival – 22nd to 24th March 2024

EY Easter Running Festival – 29th March to 1st April 2024

Taking over Easter weekend in Guernsey to promote health and wellbeing, the EY Easter Running Festival is a sporting event for all. With an array of sporting events across the Bank Holiday weekend, the EY Easter Running Festival welcomes all from novice runners to more experienced athletes. Featuring multiple races including a 5k, 10k and relay, this festival is suitable for all ages and abilities with a junior festival supporting the main event.

Guernsey Events in April 2024

Sure Guernsey Marathon – 14th April 2024

Taking you around Guernsey’s entire coastline, The Sure Guernsey Marathon is one of Europe’s best running events on an island perfectly designed for running. Starting in St Peter Port, the Guernsey Marathon weaves through every coastal parish on the island taking in the breath-taking and dramatic landscapes of the island’s coast. Take in Guernsey’s most picturesque spots as you run along country lanes, coastal trails and charming valleys. One of the most scenic marathon routes in the world, The Sure Guernsey Marathon is an incredible event for marathon runners to partake in.

World Bowls Indoor Championships – 21st to 27th April 2024

Guernsey Literary Festival – 23rd April to 5th May 2024

The Guernsey Literary Festival is an annual celebration of literature and culture that takes place on the beautiful island of Guernsey. The 2024 edition of the festival will be a special one, with an exciting line-up of authors, poets, and storytellers from around the world. Attendees can expect to enjoy a wide range of events such as panel discussions, book readings, workshops, and literary performances. There will also be special activities for children and families to enjoy. With its unique blend of culture and literature, the Guernsey Literary Festival is sure to be an unforgettable experience in 2024!

Guernsey Events in May 2024

Liberation Day – 9th May 2024

In 2024, Guernsey will be celebrating 79 years of its liberation from German Occupation during World War II. This is an annual commemoration to remember and honour the islands’ freedom. Guernsey celebrates Liberation Day with great enthusiasm and fervour as it marks the day with a host of vibrant and exciting events. Commemorating a momentous event in their history, Liberation Day is one of Guernsey’s biggest and most famous annual events.

Every 9th May, the people of Guernsey come together to observe and celebrate the historic day of Liberation. This is a special day dedicated to commemorating their Occupation period and its invaluable contribution to their past and current culture. St Peter Port and other areas on the island host a multitude of activities to celebrate Liberation Day every year. The island-wide cavalcade will tour the island with more than 100 military vehicles and classic cars. Expect live music, re-enactments and entertainment in all parishes across the island with the main event in St Peter Port concluding with a firework display over Castle Cornet.

GU36: Guernsey Ultra – 19th May 2024

Guernsey Ultra is an annual 36-mile race that takes place on the island of Guernsey. The race takes runners through a variety of terrain on the island, including coastal paths and rocky hills. Participants must be prepared for a gruelling challenge as they traverse the entire island in one day. The event has become an increasingly popular challenge for athletes looking to test themselves against some of the toughest terrain in Europe. Designed for experienced athletes, the Guernsey Ultra offers a unique opportunity to experience a challenging and rewarding long-distance race.

Spring Walking Festival – 25th May to 9th June 2024

The Guernsey Spring Walking Festival is an annual event that celebrates the stunning scenery and unique culture of the island. This festival offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning natural landscape of Guernsey, while also enjoying some of its cultural attractions. The festival features guided walks, talks and workshops that allow visitors to learn more about the island’s history and culture through a variety of activities. Whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll or an adventurous hike, there is something for everyone at this special event. With a guided walk on offer in all corners of the island, there is no easier way to get to know the island of Guernsey.

Guernsey Together Festival – 25th to 26th May 2024

Bringing Guernsey together for a celebration of music and dance, Guernsey Together Festival is the island’s biggest music festival. Welcoming some of the world’s biggest international artists supported by an outstanding selection of local bands and European tribute acts, Guernsey Together Festival is the musical highlight of the year. Boasting three stages including BBC Introducing showcasing Guernsey’s best talent and The Tropical Dance Tent, a home for alternative music, this festival has a seriously impressive line up. An event for all the family, Guernsey Together Festival also features a family zone offering all day entertainment including a bouncy castle and rodeo bull. Taking over The Rabbit Warren for an entire weekend in May, this exciting music festival is Guernsey’s most anticipated summer party.

Guernsey Events in June 2024

Bloomin’ Alderney – 3rd to 9th June 2024

Saffery Rotary Walk – 8th June 2024

Guernsey Air Display – 13th June 2024

Get ready to witness the magnificent show of skill and beauty in the skies above Guernsey. Enjoyed by thousands for over 50 years, the 2024 Guernsey Air Display is a spectacular display of aerobatic aircrafts performing daring stunts and manoeuvres in the sky. As one of Europe’s premier air displays, this event welcomes some of Britain’s most treasured historical aircrafts including the iconic Red Arrows. With impressive aerial displays from some of the best pilots in the world, this is an event that you will not want to miss!

Chaos 19 2024 – 28th to 30th June 2024

Chaos Guernsey is a vibrant and lively event that brings together people from all walks of life. It is an annual gathering that celebrates the music, dance and family traditions of the island. It has become an important part of the cultural identity of Guernsey and is a great, family-friendly celebration. The event draws in thousands of people each year, who come to enjoy the music, dance and culture that is unique to this island and showcased at the event. Chaos Guernsey provides a platform for local artists to showcase their talent, allowing them to reach a wider audience and gain recognition for their work. This event is a great way to experience the culture, music and dance that makes this island so special.

Guernsey Events in July 2024

Lé Viaër Marchi – 1st July 2024

Hosted by National Trust Guernsey, the traditional island life of Guernsey is expertly showcased at Le Viaër Marchi festival. This annual event celebrates the traditional culture, crafts, music and dancing of the island. Visitors can expect to experience a variety of traditional activities such as folk music and dancing, food stalls selling local delicacies, and craft stalls showcasing traditional island crafts. The festival will also feature performances from local musicians and artists. The Viaër Marchi in Guernsey promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend. Visitors will have a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of the island while enjoying some delicious food and entertainment from local performers.

SarkFest 2024 – 5th to 7th July 2024

Just a short ferry ride from Guernsey, SarkFest is one of the most exciting music events to hit the Channel Islands. This annual event on the island of Sark showcases the best of contemporary music with artists from the Channel Islands and British Isles. This tiny island has one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world and with its clifftop location, it is the perfect spot for a summer music festival. Hosting live music on four stages across three days, SarkFest is the leading destination to find local talent introducing you to a wide range of up-and-coming artists. A weekend of folk, reggae, blues, acoustic, rock and ska music, SarkFest is the ultimate music festival for niche musical art.

Sark Sheep Racing – 19th to 20th July 2024

Guernsey Street Festival – 20th July to 3rd August 2024

Every year, the Guernsey Street Festival brings families and friends together to enjoy a day of fun, fundraising and entertainment. Taking place in St Peter Port, the Guernsey Street Festival is a family-friendly event that features a variety of activities such as tug of war competitions, duck races, fireworks displays and dinghy races. The carnival also includes fun fair rides for all ages and plenty of food stalls to keep everyone well fed throughout the day. Every year, the Guernsey Street Festival raises money for local charities and causes through its various fundraising activities. The best of a summer’s day by the seaside, the Guernsey Street Festival is a fun-filled event of childhood nostalgia.

Rocquaine Regatta – 27th July 2024

The Rocquaine Regatta is a long-standing tradition in Guernsey, offering a day of entertainment and activities for the whole family. Every year, the regatta brings together the local community with unique competitive events, junior sand events, wife carrying competitions and much more. The highlight of the event is the competitive boat races, which are organised by the local sailing clubs. The event also offers plenty of live music and a barbecue to keep everyone entertained throughout the day. Whether you are looking for some family-friendly fun or just want to watch some thrilling boat races, the Rocquaine Regatta is sure to provide an enjoyable experience for all.

Guernsey Events in August 2024

ART’s Rock the Rock – 3rd August

Alderney Bunker and Quarry Parties – 3rd to 10th August

Alderney Week – 5th to 10th August

The biggest annual carnival in the Channel Islands, Alderney Week is one of the calendar’s most anticipated events. An eclectic collection of 70 different events in one week, Alderney Week has something on offer for everyone. Featuring live music, street entertainment and a whole host of parties, this eccentric festival also offers art exhibitions, midnight walks and so much more. With non-stop action and an excellent atmosphere, something is always happening at Alderney Week. Expect colour runs, vibrant parades and plenty of family-friendly entertainment.

West Show – 14th to 15th August

For more than 100 years, the West Show in Guernsey has been a much-loved tradition for locals and visitors alike. The show is an agricultural and horticultural show that provides family entertainment, with a wide range of exhibits including livestock, produce, crafts and more. It is an event that celebrates the best of Guernsey’s culture and traditions. The West Show in Guernsey has something for everyone to enjoy. From horse shows to vintage car displays, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. There are also numerous stalls selling local produce, handmade crafts and other items related to the island’s culture. It’s a great way to experience the unique atmosphere of this beautiful island while also learning about its rich history and traditions.

Donkey Derby – 17th August

North Show and Battle of the Flowers – 21st to 22nd August 2024

The North Show and Battle of the Flowers is an annual outdoor event held in Guernsey that attracts thousands of people every year. The weekend-long, family-friendly event takes place at Saumarez Park with a range of activities such as workshops for both adults and children to learn about local history and culture, food stalls offering delicious treats from around the world, historical reenactments and a fun fair with plenty of rides and games. On the second afternoon, The Battle of the Flowers is a highlight of the show where participants create beautiful floral displays to compete for prizes. This afternoon event includes a magical parade of colourful floats, an illuminated cavalcade by evening and ends with an enchanting fireworks display.

Alderney Chamber Music Festival – 21st to 25th August 2024

The Alderney Regatta – 24th to 25th August 2024

Vale Earth Fair – 25th August 2024

Promoting music and art in Guernsey, The Vale Earth Fair is the island’s longest running music festival. Founded in 1976, The Vale Earth Fair stays true to its roots hosting this exciting annual event for the community to raise money for humanitarian causes. With twelve hours of live music across six stages, this event caters to all tastes with every music genre showcased. Nicknamed as ‘mini Glastonbury by the sea’, The Vale Earth Fair is one of Europe’s most diverse and inclusive music festivals. Every year that passes, The Vale Earth Fair grows in size with 2024 set to be the biggest and best yet! Held at Vale Castle, the festival also features Guernsey’s finest vegetarian food trucks to keep you going throughout the day. In addition to all the incredible bands, artists and DJs taking to the stage, The Vale Earth Fairs showcases an abundance of diverse forms of live entertainment and a children’s corner to keep the whole family entertained.

Guernsey Events in September 2024

Channel Islands Pride – 6th September 2024

Alderney Fly-In – 6th to 8th September 2024

Autumn Walking Festival – 14th to 29th September 2024

Guernsey Events in October 2024

No events currently scheduled for October 2024

Guernsey Events in November 2024

No events currently scheduled for November 2024

Guernsey Events in December 2024

Polar Bear Swim – 25th December 2024

Every year on Christmas Day, hundreds of brave swimmers gather at La Vallette Bathing Pools in Guernsey for the annual Polar Bear Swim. This event has become a popular tradition amongst locals and visitors alike, as they take the plunge into the icy waters of the English Channel. The Polar Bear Swim has become a beloved tradition on Guernsey and it is one of the most popular activities on Christmas Day. It is an opportunity for people to show their courage and resilience while having fun with friends and family. The event also serves as a reminder that even during the coldest days, we can find joy in simple things like taking a dip in icy waters!

Boxing Day Swim – 26th December 2024

Boxing Day is the most popular day of the year to take a dip with the people of Guernsey gathering at Cobo Bay to take part in the Annual Boxing Day Swim. This event is a tradition that has been celebrated for over a hundred years and is a great way for the locals to come together and enjoy some time in the water. The Boxing Day Swim is an exciting event that draws hundreds of people from all over the island. Participants dress up in festive costumes and bravely jump into the cold waters of Cobo Bay. It is a unique experience that brings people from all walks of life together to celebrate this special day.

(Disclaimer: Please check dates with event organisers as the following event dates are subject to change at short notice.)